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How Two Foster Kids Beat The Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness and Love

Our Work

We are dedicated to serving in multiple capacities such as:

Group Economics

Helping communities members understand concepts of financial literacy and identifying the power in their dollar

Healthy Relationships

Learning the characteristics of a sustainable relationship and developing interdependence amongst community members

Utilizing Local Resources

Seeking the value and power of a network and creating impact in the local community






The Rose Model

Through acknowledging the power of one’s self, community, and impact, we’ve organized a plan to empower disenfranchised communities. We want these communities to have the knowledge and information to position themselves and their loved ones to obtain ownership in their area and ultimately become the leaders of their neighborhood. Community members already have the resources they need to prosper. We provide the information needed to utilize those resources and allow community members to solve the problems themselves.


Focusing on one’s discipline, principles, perspective, and character development

My Community

Seeing the value of healthy, positive lasting relationships
“I am who I am because of you.”

My Impact

Reflecting on one’s influence and establishing a legacy for generations to come 

Our Mission

“Trapped in every follower is a hidden leader”

The ROSE Empowerment Group’s mission is to establish sustainability in communities through group economics, building healthy relationships, and seeking value in local resources and networks.

Past Presentations

Keynote speaker at the NSORO Gala raising over $1,000,000

Featured speaker for Western Michigan University’s BroncoCon

Advocated for foster youth during presentation at the Youth Forum hosted at Oakland University

Led financial literacy workshops at Faith Life Church for the Youth Initiative Program


– Professional development

– Community economics and local impact

– Grit, resiliency and determination

– How to break generational patterns

– Maintaining and building healthy relationships

– Financial literacy

And more! 

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